I am pleased to announce that the fourth annual 2021 Cord Blood Connect international congress will be held virtually on September 23 and September 30.  We will build on the success of our first virtual meeting last year and anticipate an even better virtual experience this year.

We made the decision to remain virtual after careful consideration by our Executive Committee and our Board of Directors. As much as we’d love to meet together in person, it is just too soon to be able to do this safely. Predicting the status of the COVID pandemic in Miami in September was too hard. In addition, many of our attendees travel from other countries and other continents where COVID surges are still occurring. Even in the USA, many of the academic centers are restricting employees from travel into this fall.  

With all of these constraints, and wanting to hold the best meeting while keeping all of us safe, we decided that the virtual format was the way to go for another year. We are, however, expecting to be back to the in-person format for the 2022 congress and look forward to a celebration and a reunion for our fifth anniversary.

– Joanne Kurtzberg, MD