Hybrid Bank Dues

Annual membership dues for family cord banks is based on inventory size (the number of stored units) outlined in the chart below:

Inventory of Privately Banked Units

Annual Dues – U.S. Banks

Annual Dues – Non-U.S. Banks

< 75,000 Units $ 5,000 $ 2,500
75,000 - 199,000 Units $ 25,000 $ 12,500
200,000 - 699,999 Units $ 40,000 $ 20,000
> 700,000 Units $ 55,000 $ 27,500


For the application, please have available the name and contact information for (1) the primary contact, (2) the chief executive officer, and (3) the medical director, as well as (4) information about your bank’s inventory. Banks are required to be accredited by AABB or FACT prior to applying.

Once we receive and process your application, you will receive an invoice for the appropriate dues amount. Dues will be pro-rated for your first year of membership based on number of months remaining in the year. Going forward, membership dues will be billed on the calendar year.